The focus of structural modernization on the intellectualization of the regional economy


  • Dergaliuk Bogdan National technical university of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kiev polytechnic institute"


structural modernization of regional economy, intellectual capital, regional economy, region, structural changes, modernization.


The article substantiates the determining value of the intellectual potential of the region in the structural modernization. It has given the deterministic importance of intellectual potential for the effectiveness of structural modernization of the regional economy; the factors influencing its formation are singled out. It has been found that for a long time a qualitative approach was ignored in the study of structural modernization of the regional economy, which is based on an understanding of the economic structure, first of all, as a structure of relations and causation of regions and the country as a whole, which allows for a more comprehensive analysis structural shifts of the regions, avoiding unwanted abstraction and economic primitivism in the processes of constructing the management of structural modernization of regional policy. It is established that the formation of intellectual capital of regions is influenced by: natural resource potential of regions; economic development of the regions and its dynamics; formed structure of regional production; regional social development programs; demographic situation in the region; structure of demand for labor; the focus of regional education policy; branching of the educational sphere of the region, etc.


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